Rossland's Local Farmers Market: Make it, Bake it, Grow it!

About Rossland Mountain Market: Bigger, Better & Rooted!

Join with us to grow and better the Rossland Farmers Market!

As a registered non-profit organization, the Rossland Mountain Market Society’s mandate is to celebrate fresh, quality, local food and handmade goods in an enjoyable atmosphere, that not only serves our vendors, but also contributes to a prosperous downtown and promotes a sense of community.  

We are so proud to have been awarded "Small Farmer's Market of the Year 2014" by the British Columbia Association of Farmer's Markets!! This fundraiser is intended to give us the ability to continue living up to this standard, not only for the farmers and artisans that come to us from all over the Kootenays, but also for our wonderful town.

To do this we need your help!! We have developed an infrastructure list containing everything needed to operate our year round Farmer's Market. From picnic tables and umbrellas, to tents and tables, to signage and storage - the list is extensive, and necessary.


Show support for your Farmer's Market by starting your own challenge, right here on our Yodel page! Create your own profile, develop your own challenge (think: what is something you have always wanted to do?), then share your challenge with all of your social networks to collect donations online.

Donate Now! The donation you offer, paired with the funds we hope to be awarded through local grants, will help ensure the market has what it needs to run, and be what it (and the town with whose name it bears) deserves! Please see below for all of our challengers and what they're getting up to!


We are striving to be the best community resource that we can, and your donations, involvement, feedback and support are helping us reach this goal!

We want to thank you so very much for your support and for getting involved with your local Market!


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Heels over Head over Farm Fresh Food

A challenge by: Kathleen Hill

30 times in 30 days I will Stand on my Head in a setting where food is grown or raised.


'Acts of Activism': Me & the Masses!

A challenge by: Kristen Renn

Throughout the next 30 days (the month of April) I plan to perform 15 hours worth of in-your-(the Public's)-face activism.


My Granny Could Knit That

A challenge by: Sarah Elizabeth

During the month of April, I will spin, knit, crochet, weave, felt, and sew to create a one-of-a-kind Art Blanket, patchwork quilt style.


30 Local Foods in 30 Days!!

A challenge by: Miche Warwick

For my challenge I will be researching, locating, purchasing, preparing and sharing 30 locally grown or produced foods in 30 days!!


Each featured food will include


We'll literally SOIL ourselves!

A challenge by: Kristen Renn

If this challenge alone raises $1000, the Rossland Mountain Market Board will be soooo excited, they will literally SOIL themselves!